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All about our company

Tuesday 5 May 2015, by Benoit FULERAN


Tel4Expat is part of the Agilonaute group (a Limited liability company - Société par Actions Simplifiée - with a capital of Euro 100,000), a company that specialises in IT and telecommunications solutions and products to help private clients and corporations alike.

Agilonaute is a company with headquarters in Bordeaux, France. It was established in 2012 by Benoit Fuleran, the current CEO. With over 20 years of experience in such areas as digital, IT and digital project management, we offer client solutions that are reliable, simple and cost-effective.

In 2014, Franck Bernard-Almach joined the Agilonaute team as Associate Executive Director. Franck brings a wealth of experience in marketing and sales, as well as in international operations. He runs the company’s offices in Paris and is in charge of international development. Our solutions are custom made to meet our clients’ needs and, as such, we are focused on building a team that truly understands client demands.


2008 – 2011: An expat develops the concept

In 2008, Benoit Fuleran was working in Tunisia as technical manager for an IT development company. During this time, he often needed to telephone his family in France and, as a result, he developed Tel4Expat.

Back in France, Benoit further refined his telecommunications concept, using global servers in order to secure strong technical partnerships. He then establishes Agilonaute as a digital services company, covering three complementary areas: IT consultancy, secure hosting and telecommunication services.

2012 -2014: Tel4Expat launches

Benoit wins an entrepreneurship prize in Gironde, France, after progressing from concept and technical testing to launch phase, and securing an ever-growing clientele. The first version of Tel4Expat’s website is officially launched.

Fundraising takes place and the initial shareholders invest in Tel4Expat.

2014: Agilonaute generates momentum

Benoit partners up with Franck Bernard, an investor and developer. Franck brings on board his experience in marketing and sales in order to develop a global network of authorised dealers, and to focus on the company’s long-term growth strategy. With a keen interest in new technologies, Franck’s responsibilities include driving Tel4Expat’s operational growth.

2015: Tel4Expat expands internationally

After strengthening its recruitment efforts to cater to a growing market, Tel4Expat focuses on international growth. Tel4Expat starts by targeting different European countries with a significant contingent of French expats, offering them a telecommunications alternative that is cost-effective and reliable.

A new corporate ID is created, representing the company’s growing international presence.